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Established in 2013, Intro Jazz Bistro & Cafe is the first jazz restaurant in BSD City, South Tangerang. We created a restaurant that was more than a place that serve great food and feel at home. We serve Indonesian, Western, and Asian culinary and signature Papua coffee & beverage. We have live music every Friday & Saturday night. After years, Intro Jazz still continues dedicated to give excellent dining experience to every customers.
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Our Popular Items

coffee papua
coffee papua
Oxtail soup 
Oxtail soup 
Fatman Burger 
Fatman Burger 
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Our Delicious Menu

Fatman Burger185K

our LARGEST BURGER, perfect for SHARING.

Pasta Carbonara70K
Lamb Chop110K

From The Grill

Beef Ribs150K

From The Grill

Oxtail Soup95K

Fried or Grilled, include Rice

Sop Iga90K

Fried or Grilled, include Rice

Intro Soto Ayam45K

Include Rice

Mie Tek Tek45K
Espresso / Piccolo30K
Black / Cappucino / Latte35K
Our coffee shop comes with the high quality flavours & inviting stores.
Affogato / Machacino / Marshcinno40K
Our coffee shope high quality flavours & inviting stores.
Flavored Latte40K
Our coffee shop comes with the high quality flavours & creative inviting stores.
V60 / Aeropress / French Press Vietnamese Drip 40K
Shop comes with the high quality flavours & inviting stores.
Kiwi / Virgin Mojito40K

Fresh kiwi, lime, mint, sweet & sour syrup and soda water

Orange Beer40K

orange, lemon, mint, and ginger ale

Strawberry Elder40K

Fresh strawberry, orange and lemon wedges mixed with elderflower syrup and ginger ale

Dragon Kiss40K

Dragon fruit, strawberry, sweet & sour syrup

Lavender Breeze40K

Lychee, lavender, syrup and ginger ale

Orange Dragon Mojito40K

orange, dragonfruit, mint leaves, lime, soda water

Pineapple Lychee Mojito40K
Organic Tea By TWG35K
by TWG Chamomile / Royal Darjeeling English Breakfast / Earl Grey Moroccan Mint / Grand Jasmine
Flavoured Ice Tea35K

Lychee / Mint / Kiwi / Lemongrass / Lemon (max 2x REFILL)

Nutella Praline45K
Vanilla Caramel45K
Intro Mix Juice (3)45K
Orange / Strawberry / DragonFruit / Pineapple / HoneyDew / Kiwi40K
Matcha Bomb45K


Lyche Slushee45K


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